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report of seasonal goods for commerce projects
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nice projects

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Seasonal and Non Seasonal Products

It's been said that opposites attract, and there's proof that the theory extends beyond the world of romance and into the world of online marketing. So when Cupid has his crosshairs aimed at the most unlikely couples this Valentine's Day, you may be surprised to find many perfect matches made online between seasonal and non-seasonal goods.

Every business has peaks and valleys in its sales forecast; it's a normal lifecycle that's driven by the nature of the products being sold. For example, with Valentine's Day around the corner, the floral industry is ramping up for one of its biggest seasons. According to the Society of American Florists, nearly one-third of all adults purchased flowers or plants as gifts for Valentine's Day 2009. Think of it this way: one out of every three people that visits your Web site already has plans to buy flowers for Valentine's Day.

Such amazing insight into customer intent is a rare commodity that presents a huge opportunity. Traditional thinking would suggest only seasonal products, like flowers and chocolates, can benefit from exogenous spikes in demand. On the contrary, any product can benefit from seasonality through "connected commerce" —the marketing of third-party products, alongside yours, in your storefront.

Merchants big and small can boost sales for non-seasonal products. Here's an example that many will be using this Valentine's Day: Take an average e-commerce site. Nearly one out of every three of its visitors will eventually end up buying flowers as a gift on another site. Knowing this, the e-commerce site can simply feature a "Buy Flowers" button on their site to start selling this in-demand product. When clicked, this button invokes a storefront from a third-party flower vendor to complete the transaction. The originating e-commerce site is then compensated for the sale. The e-commerce site can pocket the bounty, pass some savings on to their shoppers in the form of product discounts or, in the case of digital products, they can offer their product for free. These last two categories create a strong incentive that is hard for shoppers to ignore.

The customer's perception is that they are getting a free or heavily discounted product from the e-commerce site, but in reality the site still turns a profit by receiving a referral fee from the florist—which is actually a great deal for the florist too. Here's why: in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, nationally recognized floral companies spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising, and they forecast how much they'll spend to acquire every customer. In partnerships like the one described above, they only pay when they make a sale. This is a sure bet that any marketer should consider, especially those working with seasonal products.

In the end, everyone benefits. The e-commerce site drives more sales, the florist wisely spends its marketing dollars while securing a customer that could have easily gone to a competitor, and the consumer gets a free or heavily discounted product.

The important thing to remember here is that Valentine's Day is just one example. There are 365 other days in the year—some holidays, some just regular days—and each of them present the opportunity to drive sales by leveraging seasonal products. Applying some creative thinking, forging new partnerships, or working with someone that can help you create those partnerships can go a long way in strengthening sales all year 'round.

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to get seminar/project report and presentation about seasonal goods for commerce please visit below links , And further if you need any clarification about a specific details please reply there


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