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Automation can be achieved through computers, hydraulics, hydraulics, robotics, etc., of these sources, hydraulics form an attractive medium. Automation plays an important role in automobile. Nowadays almost all the automobile vehicle is being atomized in order to product the human being. The automobile vehicle is being atomized for the following reasons.


In the development of the submarine from pre-war classes, many changes and improvements have occurred. One of the outstanding differences is the large variety of submarine devices which are now operated by hydraulic power. In early classes, there was no hydraulic system, and power requirements were met by means of air or electricity. Along with constantly improving submarine design has gone a constant extension and diversification of the use of hydraulic power.

Comparative advantages of hydraulic power

Hydraulic systems possess numerous advantages over other systems of power operation. They are light in weight; they are simple and extremely reliable, requiring a minimum of attention and maintenance. Hydraulic controls are sensitive, and afford precise controllability. Because of the low inertia of moving parts, they start and stop in complete obedience to the desires of the operator, and their operation is positive. Hydraulic systems are self-lubricated; consequently there is little wear or corrosion. Their operation is not apt to be interrupted by salt spray or water. Finally, hydraulic units are relatively quiet in operation, an important consideration when detection by the enemy must be prevented.


A thin bottle is filled to the top with a liquid and tightly corked. A lever is pressed against the cork to apply a downward force. If sufficient pressure is exerted, the bottle will suddenly shatter into a number of pieces, showing that:

Piston Rod

The piston rod is circular in cross section. It connects piston with piston of other cylinder. The piston rod is made of mild steel ground and polished. A high finish is essential on the outer rod surface to minimize wear on the rod seals. The piston rod is connected to the piston by mechanical fastening. The piston and the piston rod can be separated if necessary.

Cylinder Cover Plates
The cylinder should be enclosed to get the applied pressure from the compressor and act on the pinion. The cylinder is thus closed by the cover plates on both the ends such that there is no leakage of air. An inlet port is provided on the top cover plate and an outlet ports on the bottom cover plate. There is also a hole drilled for the movement of the piston.

In our project, the rotary vacuum pump with motor is used.

The Rotary vacuum pump

The widely used type of pump is the rotary vacuum pump whose operating principle is illustrated bellow. Here the mechanical action which moves the fluid is furnished by the vacuum force.

The oil is trapped by the pump and carried by them around the inside channels of the pump body. This sucks in oil at the inlet port (the left-hand port), and discharges it at the outlet port (the right-hand port). The oil cannot get back through the outer channels to the inlet side of the pump because the vacuum pump is rotating by giving 230Volt A.C supply

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